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Bantuan IT

At SBC , we also provide IT solutions for our clients which includes :

  • Hardware and Software Assistance

    Hardware and Software assistance

    We at Schinder Business Center will provide you the best options of Hardware and software that you require to conduct your daily activities. We will also provide source, comparisons and help you to set up everything which suits your budget.

  • Network Setup Security

    Network setup and security

    If you need any security assistance on file sharing, internet connection or network setup in your devices, you can always contact our IT department to help you.

  • Backup and Recovery data

    Backup and Recovery of Data

    Always remember to back up your important data/files. We always provide the assistance on backing up your important data/files and recovery.

  • Device Synchronization

    Device Synchronization

    We can synchronize all your devices for you, if you have multiple devices/gadgets and would like to save contacts, files, emails and other important notes.

  • Website and Email Hosting

    Website and Email (Domain) registry

    We can help on registering your own Domain name in order for you to have a professional email and website for your company.

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